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One of the advantages of being a communication consultant with too many stamps in my passport is that from time to time I get to taste a delicious cocktail that they just do not mix at home. The most dangerous one is the Tiki Puka Puka.  As everyone knows, Puka-Puka is a coral atoll a bit north east (for the geographically disabled: above and to the right 🙂 ) of the Tuamotu Archipelago.

At Trader Vic’s they brew a mean cocktail with the same name. Beware. It kills, it hurts… but it is darnnn good! There is enough alcohol in there to floor 82nd Airborne division. It comes in a bowl the size of a foot bath. It is sweet. It comes with a nice flower. It comes with a mix of four different blends of lethal hardcore rum. And it will just rip your stomach out and send your family brain cells to Mars if you drink more than one. And here is how you mix one. I warned you!

The things I do for this blog...

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  • Stefaan says:

    Question : does this bar offer a personalised cup service ? The bigger the person’s ‘capacity’ the bigger the cup ? 😉
    Working they call this nowadays !?

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