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Communicating is an art form

And so is grabbing attention I guess. I can understand that a Vegas casino pays a smashing million bucks to Paris Hilton to show up on New Year’s Eve. But here @ CES it looks like the Ultimate Fight Club : anything goes. See, I can live with giant screens, daring photography. I can see the point of labyrinth-like booths, or brain damaging color schemes. I have sympathy for lousy, lonely presenters with too much make-up and industrial quantities of hairspray all over their scalp. I can smile @ PowerPoint presentations that look as if they have been made by my neighbors’ Labrador.   

See, I am very very open-minded and cool about things. But I need to draw the line somewhere. What has an enthusiastic gym club with an acute acne problem to do with ICT? Why would you put a Lamborghini Countach on your booth if people cannot touch it, sit in it and the shiny thing does not even feature any of the products you stand for? Why do guys from the local Karate club smash each other’s brain in to promote a car stereo system?  Why do you need a Karaoke machine to grab people’s attention if you provide software suites? Why do poor girls meander through the corridors dressed in scary tops, and micro shorts that ask “you want to know what card is in my card slot”?

Why does LG put a watch phone on display, if you may barely look at it and three gorillas prevent you from taking a picture? Why do marketing guys I never met before call me friend? How can somebody who tries desperately to keep a couple of knives and kegs in the air expect to give a serious presentation on networks? Sometimes, you wonder…

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