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Augmented reality drone. And my birthday

By 13/08/2010One Comment

I am a boy. A big one. I am easy, honestly. I love gadgets. Give me something with batteries, an on/off button, some wireless hocus pocus and a handful of twinkling LED’s and I’ll be happily humming in a corner figuring it out.

My birthday is coming up. I know all of you desperately want to make me very very happy. But what could make me happy? What has little LED’s, some augmented reality, a remote control and enough coolness to chill even the best bottle of Zubowka into an ice cube?

Well, luckily, Nicolas Halftermeyer pointed me towards Henri Seydoux. SEydoux,  from the Paris based Parrot company,  is still a boy in his own right. He and his engineers came up with about the coolest toy on this side of the galaxy: a flying drone, iPad controlled, augmented reality enhanced, all wireless and with an OOMPH factor to freeze hell all over. Twice.

The Parrot AR drone. Look no further. As said, I am easy to please. 🙂

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