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Augmented Reality: Life as it is, only better.

By 11/03/201214 Comments

Augmented Reality: until recently it seemed linked solely to very exotic and expensive equipment like the Apache helicopter or some Q-designed James Bond gadgets. But Lisa Murphy says it is soon coming to the mobile phone. Your mobile phone.

Lisa Murphy is a senior manager at Metaio, the world leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. Murphy oversees Metaio’s growing presence in the U.S. market and is extensively involved with the company’s pioneering outreach in the space. Lisa has led major disruptive augmented reality campaigns for Fortune 100 clients like Toyota, AT&T, NBC Universal, and others in online, mobile and in-store platforms.

Augmented reality applications allow relevant information and exciting features to be overlaid on top of the visual reality. Usually this would be through a laptop or -even more handy-, a mobile phone. James Bond would be jealous of Lisa’s phone. It’s turbocharged with Metaio’s newest augmented reality browser. Lisa showed us some of the more classical Augmented Reality demos, using simple pointer cards that turn into 3D social objects on your screen. New is that you can now interact with your augmented buddies using the touch screen of your phone. A great feature that turns the Augmented Layer into a Virtual Social Object.

Another new feature is that Metaio now allows you to scan your own devices or objects, and turn them  into an augmented tag, bringing the augmented experience a lot closer to day-to-day life.

You know what? Go to the appstore. Download the Junaio browser. Start playing around. Welcome to your Augmented Life. You will like it 😉


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