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I thought that crosswords cultivated utterly useless knowledge, were pretentious ways of overeager nerdy people to demonstrate pickled wisdom and were a pointless way of killing precious underperforming brain cells. But it appears I might have been overdoing it a bit.  I stand corrected. Maybe, just maybe I was wrong on crosswords. Apparently they are useful things, so does a London based friend says. Sudoku, jigsaws are for amateurs and people who have way too much time, yes. But crosswords, here you have a truly intellectual game.

Especially when English people give it a go. Because -mind you- there is oceans of difference and dusty wisdom between crosswords as the world knows it, and the brain gymnastics they do in the United Kingdom. It’s the difference between some pen-biting and developing Olympic quality gray matter on steroids.   Not bad for an Island where they still drive left and struggle with the metric system :-).

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