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Well, a human body only can take so much. After four days@ CeBIT we start to look like troopers on their 7th tour of duty. We make loooong days. We stand for hours. We march trough endless halls. We entertain, educate, interview, please and enlighten people. (well, you know us 😉). We try to give information in a gazillion languages; we listen to Moldavian people speaking American English with a Peruvian accent while eating a German schnitzel burger. We take clients to diner, clients invite us for diner (thanks Henri!), we have drinks with clients, they offer us drinks. We talk about business, CeBIT, Bluetooth, technology, the bright sides of Life, the weather. We hit the sac in strange beds around 2, 3 in the morning. Breakfast @ 7.

And the Small Man with the Big Hammer hits us on the head. Slowly. But with great precision… Four days down…. Three to go.


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