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73092275 CeBIT is supposed to be the nec-plus-ultra of exhibitions. And it is in Germany… so you would expect a flawless service. Key for exhibitors and professional visitors is easy internet access. Well, dream on. Trying to get a LAN line to a booth proves to cost an arm and a leg or two. Actually, you can give internet access to a small African country for a couple of months for that price. 🙁  What is even worse is that none of the WiFi networks is free. Costs go up to a ridiculous 10 Euros for not even two hours of access. And these networks are not even remotely stable, and come and go @ random. Grrrrr. Not good. Luckily, I can still access the web and update this blog, using my good old Dial Up Connection with a simple Bluetooth connection between laptop and mobile phone. 🙂

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