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Through my clients I can use a lot of electronic equipment and gadgets so I am in a privileged position to discover a plethora of fine, new and cool products. For most people in my age group however, using these products requires a little time-investment. I would never admit it, but sometimes I do read a manual to figure out how to use or install a newbie J. I am amazed with what ease youngsters and kids adapt to new technology and to new user scenarios. Once they get intrigued by a new product or technology; they simply seem to “adopt” it, without any difficulty or fumbling with installation guides. These kids grew up in a world that was digital, connected, and mostly wireless. They are digital natives and prove to be extremely important in the long-term development of technologies. In a lot of countries and cultures they have a decisive input and influence on their parents. Though these youngsters might not have a “private” spendable income, they are very good in spending their parents/families money. An important part of the day-to-day life of this “Generation Y” is now centred on two focal points: mobile phone and personal computer.  Meet two sixteen year-olds and how they adopt Bluetooth wireless technology as a natural extension of their devices. Enjoy! 🙂  

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