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Busy day today. Had to drive a Lotus from Brussels to Hannover. I know. Some guys just have all the fun. My boyish dreams of endless open highways and pushing the pedal through the metal in a country that has no speed limit: busted. I crawled from roadwork to traffic jam. Think some of my 200 something horses actually fell asleep…completely bored. At least my colleague Dirk aka Chewie driving in the car in front of me had our new Polish trainee to talk to…

Rolled the yellow Lotus onto the Parrot booth, where we will be dealing with press, analysts and (scary thought) random people for the better part of a week. Took us some time to set all the Parrot Bluetooth devices up in and around the car and to arrange the Bluetooth SIG briefing room.

000_0126 000_0125 100_0279

100_02802 Nice surprise in the evening, when we arrived @ our home for this week. The room we booked belongs to an 18 year old girl, that moved somewhere else for a week. A bit startling to charge up our high tech devices between a plushy powder table, a dying terrarium, 9 dried red roses, a golden rabbit, a plastic pony with Paris Hilton’s hair … and more stuffed animals and teddy bears than is good for me. Well, it’s a hard life 🙂

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