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It was great to meet Jeremiah Owyang again at #SXSW. The founder of introduced the third version of his Collaborative Economy Honeycomb. The Collaborative Economy, the passion of Owyang, enables people to mostly get what they need in life or business from each other. A new trend that is extremely disruptive for most industries and businesses. Uber, Airbnb anyone?

Honeycombs are resilient and extremely solid structures that enable access, sharing, and growth of resources among a very demanding and resourceful group of empowered people. Jeremiah’s latest version of the Honeycomb framework, visualizes how the Collaborative Economy has grown exponentially  to include new applications in Reputation and Data, Worker Support, Mobility Services, and the Beauty Sector. Owyang’s Honeycomb is slowly, but surely taking on the very nature of a real hive….



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