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 Not even a week ago, you packed your bags, and left us. Like that. Frantic packing, a last drink, a last meal, a last smile. Going East. Moving to China. Of all places. You left us a lot: a lonely pigeonhole, an empty desk, and frankly a bit more loneliness than you can imagine. It’s, well… different without you.

I knew you had some blue sky in your passport, that you were a restless soul, and that we were extremely lucky to have had you around in our office for six years. I even thought, a split second, that you finally dropped anchor.

You made me dream of the world out there. You pushed me gently to go out, meet people, see places. If today I work in an international environment, it’s because you showed me how to. Your friendly, encouraging eyes in countless brainstorms, pitches and meetings made me believe that I could do what I do.

John Orme, you may have moved to China, but you can not hide. Your stories stay. We talk to the young ones about that guy who discovered the Six Pistols, drank tea with Lou Reed, buried John Lennon, and helped us win the Bluetooth account. I’m afraid you became a legend.

To stay in the hearts of those you love, is not to go…. Come back soon .

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