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LEGO, but not as we used to know it


For our Bluetooth demo-days, we’re always on the hunt for nice, cool products. A hard job, but hey 😉 So we stumbled on Lego’s Mindstorms series. Lego for kids-with-an-attitude. You can build a scary robot, link it to a gazillion sensors, equip it with an army of synchronized servomotors, program it in a brainy version of Cobol, and send it off to space, while keeping control with you mobile phone. Using Bluetooth wireless technology. Of course. What did you think?

The marketing boys lettered all over the colourful box that 10 year olds can get their robots going within 30 minutes. So I opened the box, right before diner, and decided to give it a go. A small headache, 4 hours, six espressos, and a bruised ego later I went to bed, leaving two half-working legs and a lonely servomotor. But I will not give up. I will build that thing. It will work. If necessary, I’ll get hired help. The 11 year old wise-ass next-door might be what it takes. I miss DUPLO already…

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