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Extreme check-ins, the new frontier

By 26/10/2010No Comments

It gets a bit boring on this little blue planet. Most of the islands have been charted, continents were claimed, mountain tops covered with flags and colors. The Trieste dived down all the way to the darkest bits of the Challenger Deep. Not a lot left for a die-hard fearless explorer like me.

Luckily, Foursquare lets us do it all over again. Forget Magellan, forget Columbus, and forget Picard. Just claiming a continent or two will not get you in the charts anymore. The new game in town is called  Mayorships and Badges.   The first tweep to claim to be the Mayor of Everest, will get more coverage than the original Edmund Hillary got through his heroic ascent.

But even this new game is now being pushed to the extreme. Foursquare has a Last Degree Badge that you can only unlock while checking in on the North Pole. The International Space Station has a Foursquare Mayor: Douglas C. Wheelock, commander of the Expedition 25 mission, earned the “NASA Explorer” badge on Foursquare for checking into the International Space Station on Friday morning.

I’m with good old captain Kirk: to boldly go where no Foursquarer has gone before. And beware, you,  Tim Edgar, I might claim England 😉

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