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Facebook gets 450 million from… Goldman Sachs

By 03/01/2011No Comments

Hm. I kind of hate to talk about money. It’s such a dirty word ;-). But, I could not pass on the fact that Goldman Sachs just invested a whopping $450 million in Facebook. You know, Facebook, that crazy little start-up created as a social campus connecting tool. That Facebook is now estimated at a completely surreal 50 billion dollar. And it got 450 million dollar from Goldman Sachs. In Cash ;-). And that is, well, real money.

For the last months people have been arguing over the value of social media and social sites. Often  down talking of downplaying it. Often because they do not understand how much of a paradigm shift engaged social communication is…

The fact that Goldman Sachs joins other investors (like Digital Sky Technologies)  in Facebook  kinda shows how money crunchers value the social network’s prospect for sustained growth and ROI.

HM. I might be in the right business after all?

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