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Gowalla dies at #SxSW. 3 years old, RIP.

One would almost forget. Simultaneously to Dennis Crowley’s future visions on SoLoMo, location based social networks and Foursquare, Gowalla died a gruesome and lonely death, somewhere in the deep, cruel and moist dungeons of Facebook.

90 days after Facebook  opened its checkbook to buy Gowalla, the doors of the company have officially been sealed. A kick in the head for the Texan incubation and start-up loving community, because Texas was Gowalla’s homebase.

“There can be only one”, and it seems that Foursquare won de battle hands down. There will be muscle fletching and eyeball rolling between Foursquare and Facebook for sure. But the cutest player has quietly left the building through the backdoor.

#SxSW does not like defeated technologies and brands. It is for the glorious startups, the victorious winners, the ambitious coolcats. But I wanted to lay a wreath on the doorsteps of the convention center for an adorable little Texan baby that did not make its third birthday.

Rest in peace, Gowalla.

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