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I wish you a marvelous 2015. Make it count. Do what you want to do, achieve what’s on your list. Be happy, content, adventurous, loyal,  smart, thoughtful, patient. Take time for your loved ones, for nature, for friends, for contemplating… and for you.

I wish you luck, health, star dust, tender moments, wild nights, fruitful days. Enjoy your dreams.Have many of them.

Let’s take time to meet in person in 2015. We’re all social. We’re all connected. We’re all busy. We all allow ourselves to be taken by the torrent of things that engulf us. Let’s not. Let’s meet the people that count. Look them in the eye. Let’s spend time with them. No message on your phone is even remotely more important than the words of the person you’re having diner with.

If heaven can wait, so can email. Mail less, do more. Allow yourself the luxury of concentrating on what matters. The task at hand. The thing that needs to be done. The world does not give a dime about that fast response-within-a minute and neither should you.

Above all, bask in the light of the New Year. It’s yours.


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