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Hey mom! I have a Lab :-)

By 05/11/2009No Comments

By the people, for the people. It sounds like a Revolution credo, but it is really what social media is all about. News that is aimed at consumers can now easily circumvent journalists and media and hit millions of online users faster than Richard Hammond can crash a car. Everyone is scrambling around to find creative ways to harness the power of these social media, because it can be an extremely effective way reach out to a targeted audience. While websites are static, social media opens up the dialogue wide open with your audience, allowing interaction and discussion. Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew 😉

Here in the Porter Novelli Brussels Towers, we’re installing a Social Media Lab on our fifth floor. We conveniently branded it PNBR5 (area 51 was already taken….). It’s an area dedicated to studying Social Media phenomena’s and to integrate online strategies and tactics into communication models. Here online buzz get’s measured, analyzed and rendered into accountable intelligence.  We have training facilities, a meeting room and a fridge.

That will do for now :-)…

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