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I’m a Supertasker

By 06/04/2010No Comments

I always knew I was special. Seriously, one can feel it deep inside when personal brainwaves come to way better conclusions than… well, you know. For 40 years now I tried to find an impressive and eloquent label for my specialness. Was I a superhero? Rainman 2.0? Hit by Asperger? The cuckoo’s egg from a sentient Alien? How could I get a fitting epitheton ornans for my ‘being me’?

And now Professor James Watson from the University of Utah found the answer to that question in a global psychology study. It explains why I feel most comfortable working on three computer screen. It explains why I can hold endless phone calls through my hands free system while driving way too fast through traffic, while following the sultry directions of my navigation unit… without having to replace the 8 airbags of my car every two weeks. Seriously, Watson claims that only 2,5 percent of the global population can do that without their windshield exploding in an angry rain of face-altering green. And I am very, very good at it 🙂 .

Watson calls it being a “Supertasker”. I have not read the rest of the study, but I like it. It sounds right. It feels manly. And it is so true!

I decided that professor James Watson just became my best friend. I took that decision without sending that aging pedestrian that recklessly crossed the street in an orbit around Neptune.  I rock 🙂 …

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