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It’s official. I do not want one. Not now. Not in this version. Not in this life. So, you’ll just have to find another present for my birthday, and I just officially erased it from my Christmas wish list.
Let’s be honest. Why would someone want it? If you are looking for a nice shiny tool to make you stand out, think again. In the first days alone more than a million other bonobos will have the same exclusive phone, and there are a gazillion more on the waiting list.
Further more, it’s way too slow for me, as it is not packed with 3G, and I am dead scared with the fact that it has one horrible irreplaceable battery: I have a nasty phone bill to prove that a 5 hours talk time in a shiny Apple design will not get high into my charts. My first iPod ended locked to the power charger @ all times, but for a phone that would be unhandy. 🙁

A 2 mega-pixel camera was extremely cool in 2005, but now the cook of the driver of the gardener of my neighbour’s security guard simply refuses to be seen with anything below 3 to 4 mega-pixel. Moreover, video capturing seems not to be on the application list. Duh. I think Steve needs to slap some sloppy guy. Same guy by the way that found it not necessary to add a memory extension slot. That is like French fries without mayonnaise. Not good.
And could someone explain to me why this so-called phone of the future comes with a stripped down version of Bluetooth capability? So my sturdy German car equipped with a French Bluetooth system, is set up to receive wirelessly the thousands of songs I legally bought on Apples iTunes, except that the Apple iPhone does not support streaming audio? Come on, this is not serious.
I’m sure lots of people will like it. Well, lots of people like Paris Hilton, white socks, patchouli perfume, deep-fried fish, well-done steaks and cables.
I’m just not one of them….

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