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Meet Ice Cream Man

By 18/03/2010No Comments

Now how crazy can you get? Most of us spend ages in school and universities to get fabulous degrees hoping to find that magic job that will make us famous… and rich.
Meet Ice Cream Man, a jolly fellow handing free ice cream to the exhausted crowds @South By South West. Matt Allen started his bizarre career in the summer of 2004, when he was driving an amazingly cute 1969 Chevrolet Step Van through Oregon looking for adventure. He wanted to become the most famous ice cream man in the world. He began giving away his ice cream for free, always good to get immensely popular :-).

250,000 free ice creams later, Ice Cream Man has become the living proof of the American Dream. “This is about getting people to think about things a bit differently, proving that you can do anything with your life,” says Allen in his “Of the Wookie” booklet: “I want to give away ice cream. It’s that simple. I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a good idea. Why not bring all of these like-minded people together to do great things?”
With big brands sponsoring massive dollars in his one man mission, Ice Cream Man is a happy camper making other people happy…. With free ice-cream. Is there an MBA in happiness? 🙂

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