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Second Life: Sex and the City

By 04/10/2008One Comment

I must admit, it has been a while since I left my trusted Avatar somewhere in a park in an exotic part of the virtual Second Life world. An enthusiast visitor in the beginning days, I got bored a couple of months ago. I had tried out the nice jeeps, the sensational experience of teleporting, flying like superman across 2nd life’s continents, skating through skinny cities in a pimped up Lotus. I partied, travelled, was involved in hand-to-hand combat. I danced in more or less decent nightclubs. Was talked into some less decent ones. And left. (The last thing you want to see is a bad pixelling bad C movie in a smoky, smelly virtual theater, sipping some non existing beer.)

I met people as well. Friends. Clients. Strangers. Mostly friendly people. So I chatted. A lot. Visited their preferred spots on this virtual planet. Got amused with some good natured flirting with some great looking avatars. Raced on endless beaches against other virtual cars.

Tried it for business as well. Met online virtual journalists, went to virtual meetings, looked at virtual powerpoints, sat at virtual meeting tables drinking virtual Starbucks coffee.

And decided I could not be bothered. I ditched my virtual body behind a non existing tree, and deleted the software.

And you know what? I missed it. Big time. I’ve been wondering for weeks now if things have changed, if resolution got better, if…   It’s like waiting for the new Sex and the City season. You do not really want to, but there you are.

So yes, my virtual self is back.

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