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Digital first” is the credo that drives a lot of current campaigns. Brands are totally buying into the concept that, hey, if the consumer wants digital, let’s give him digital. However, often platforms, formats, intent and content are unceremoniously mixed together for better… or for worse.

The Snackability session at #SXSW gave nice examples on how content can be brought to the consumer in a way that is instantly satisfying, shareable and easy to digest. Content as a snack, consumable in a very short moment, a snippet of information that flavors the taste buds.

Think short-form data — meme’s, textlines, (moving) imagery or video — that consumers can quickly consume, while on the go. Central idea is of course to leave them hungry for more of virtual chicken wings in the future.

Very often good snackability is the combination of three separate elements: cross channel (transmedia) storytelling, clever brand publishing, and smart contextual real time response. These ideas work together to allow flexibility to fully embrace the digital sphere in a beneficial way that creates deeper brand loyalty.

However, let’s threat carefully. Funny factoids that grab your attention for a couple of seconds… it’s all good. But your message, brand value, and product proposition are most often more than a handful of popcorn, and a juicy frankfurter sausage with pickles and mustard.

A connection strategy cannot be built on mini-video’s, snippets, infographics and “10 tips to remember’ alone. ‘Quick and dirty’ brain food very quickly leaves us empty and unsatisfied. The right balance between the ‘bait’ and the ‘catch’ is precious. Use the snack as bait, and reel the consumer deeper into your brand story.

Don’t forget that the snackability should be part of a healthy diet… and needs to be cross-linked to deeper and more empathic content. Just leaving the restaurant after the amuses-bouche will leave you very frustrated and very hungry in a very short time.

Your complete content strategy should never be built on snackability alone.

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