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Steve Jobs and my mom…

By 01/07/2010One Comment

Mom tried to raise me to be an honorable citizen. Thinking of it: so did dad. Greet people. Thank them. Speak with two words. Be helpful. Pay for things you need. Get older ladies safely across busy streets.

Honestly, they succeeded quiet well.  I was managing reasonably good, trying to be mister almost perfect. And then… I bought an iPad. And my world shifted. Because mister Steve Jobs disagrees with mom. He does not want me to be a nice citizen.

My iPad has all this great tools and things. It’s a fully mobile, highly connected dog-and pony show. But to make half of the stuff work, mister Jobs wants me to cheat. I live in Belgium, and iTunes will not let me buy ebooks. ITunes will not let me buy TV-series. iTunes will not let me buy movies. No buying, no renting. God and Steve know why.

I cannot even buy my favorite stuff in another country than Belgium. iTunes will not let me. American Express and Visa ensure there is nothing wrong with my credit. There is something wrong with iTunes. There is something wrong with Steve.

Now that he pocketed a small 1000 dollars, I discover that some nice features of my iPad only will work if I rip or download illegally. Apple will not take my good money for legal entertainment on my kosher personal iPad.

Sorry mom… blame Steve. But nothing will stand between me and an iPad driven Monthy Python.

One Comment

  • LOL! I love that line you wrote: “It’s a fully mobile, highly connected dog-and pony show…” You’ve quite eloquently distilled how many people feel about this particular Apple device.
    But seriously, it’s not so funny you are experiencing a limited set of capabilities with the iTunes Store simply because you live in Belgium.
    I would send a detailed letter outlining your iTunes plight directly to Apple and/or Steve Jobs. If that doesn’t work, mail your plea along with a bottle of Chimay or any other Trappist —that might do the trick.

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