Will it Blend?

Sometimes, I just like it when it gets a bit mesjogge ;-). The dudes and hipsters of Blendtec always crack me up. Blendtec makes high end food blenders (they come at a price :-)).

No better way to test it than trying to blend…. Well… about everything. Here is the blender test for the shiny new iPad!

Luckily, my good political incorrect friends @Topgear can easily beat this. With no one buying power cars, how about using the V8 engine to power a food blender! Richard Hammond and James May are left to taste Jeremy Clarkson’s Beef, Bovril and Brick smoothie, which goes down a treat!

Hell, yeah 😉

Clarkson: Grumpy old man

On my way back from the Geneva Car Show, I finished another book of Jeremy Clarkson. Honestly, I loved every word.  Well, I know… he is getting a bit (ok, a lot) older, a bit tougher, and a bit grumpier. But, he is still a darn good driver, and the best Top Gear presenter the world will ever know. And yes, he is a bit homophobic, xenophobic, claustrophobic, hypochondriac, woman-helpless and generally political incorrect. And I love him for every bit of it, because he is so endearingly honest, straight and madly testosterone driven. He hates diesel, small cars, Europeans in general, Japanese wheels, Americans and rules by default. He will be the last one on the barricades, shouting “Rule the waves”. He hates cars that go slow, have less than enough horsepower and take an eternity to reach 100/hour. And above all, this grumpy slightly balding man drips his pen in pure vinegar, and writes with a vengeance. And he writes the way he drives: without compromises, fast, and relentless. On the edge. Ridiculously funny. And for crying out loud: you have to forgive him all the rest

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