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Psst. It’s here. On my desk. A unique collectable, high tech, no battery, impact resistant, always on, no-cloud and darn pretty carrier of wisdom on Mediabrands Belgium and its illustrious Mediabrandies. Who are they? What drives them? Where do they come from? What sets them apart? Why?

Find the answers in this book.

It’s inspiring, honest, right-in-your-face, unfiltered and glutenfree.

It truly takes a village to make Mediabrands. Discover the pure human side that powers us to be so much more than a media agency. Enjoy the stories, the anecdotes, the passion, the good… and the bad. Powered by People.

The Illuminati are secretly distributing copies of this book… if you can’t wait, take a glance at

Welcome to The Hive….

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