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The Defender project

By 03/06/2008No Comments

Mixing business with pleasure has always been one of my top priorities. Life is just way to short to allow for too many dull moments. Luckily, a job as communication advisor allows for plenty of great contacts: you meet people, you see places.

Since four years now, I occasionally throw a car in to the communication mix. People just like it better when they can see or experience things. And a car is a highly visible, highly mobile, highly versatile tool that can be used on tradeshows, press events, in viral actions, or on the move.

We have the Lotus for its high coolness factor (heck this is the car that Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear bought for his wife!); we have the MG TF for its looks. What we lacked was some brute dare-develish thing with lots more space to build in stuff. Something that could go places. Road or no road. J

We thought Hummer, but gave in to the political not correctness of that monster. So when Stefaan from SD-motors found an old paratrooper Land Rover Lightweight we smiled.

It’s dirty. It’s old. It’s pure bruteness. But Stefaan will turn it in to a perfect marketing/communication vehicle. In 20 days. No pressure J.


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