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It’s getting a bit hilarious. While #SxSW is growing year over year, a whole generation of digital and social media professionals have built their bread and butter around wisdom, information and contacts that blossomed in the sunny city of Austin, Texas.

However, judging from the steady stream of twitter messages, some of these people are creating a new trend. The trend of not showing up. While I do understand that it is not a must to come to SxSW, or that other, more pressing things pop up, I’m puzzled by the rational some of the not-comers are putting forward: they do not need to come. SxSW was better in the past, when they were here, sharing BBQ and Texan beer. Since they are not coming, SxSW is not important anymore. And, since they are not here, by default, it’s already written in the stars that the better days were in the past.

That reminds me of endless talks with my grandmother. Before, things were better. Before, summer was warmer and greener. It never rained. It snowed every Christmas. Every winter, it froze a meter in the ground. Every bride was a virgin.

Only a day here @SxSW, and I met amazing people, discovered new technologies, listed new trends to follow up and watch closely. SxSW is not dead. It’s vibrating with the steady drum of true entrepreneurship. It buzzing with people with fire in their eyes, and the tell-tale eyes of long sleepless working nights.

Too bad some of the people that built their reputation and fortune here, suddenly feel disconnected. It’s certainly more comfy on their golf courses or motor yachts, or maybe they prefer to admire their perfect corporate hair in the polished wood of their newly VC-ed executive board rooms.

The die-hards keep on coming, try to come, or follow it with a smile from a distance. There will be a sparkle of genius again this year. As long as Bruce Sterling keeps on coming, I will as well.

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