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Trammelant: back to the future!

By 03/08/2008One Comment

Every year the cozy little littoral village of De Haan time warps itself back to the early 1900’s.  Around the uniquely styled tram station the whole village dresses up in the magnificent costumes and gowns of the Belle-epoque, and as by magic horses, steam vehicles and old timers tuftuf agreeable through the street, watched by over a hundred thousand delighted tourists.

We thought it would be an ideal moment to showcase the endless possibilities of wireless technology. So we managed to get hold of some priceless 100 year old wardrobe, and used our trusted old MG as a Trojan Horse. It’s true, the MG TF from 1952 is way too young for a early 20th century happening. But trust us (we’re consultants), nobody in that crowd sees the difference between a Ford T racer, a Bugatti 1940 and our Bluetooth enabled vehicle.

Security guards let us in without so much as the blink of an eye, and we dived deep in to the festivities. The roaring music power blasting out from our 750 watt kicker system in the back of the MG (powered by Parrot’s incredible RK8200 radio) generated a good deal of street dancing. Not to worry, we equipped our Sony Ericsson phones solely with foxtrot and charleston tunes.     

DSC01032 DSC01024 DSC01014 DSC_2462 DSC_2502

And a lot of splendidly dressed damsels and gentlemen got a fair taste of Bluetooth stereo headsets. When the future of today meets the past… it was a good event J.

One Comment

  • eric vaes says:

    Great contribution from the Porter Novelli Bluetooth team to this innovative De Haan event !
    Eric Vaes

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