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When Quarks dance…

By 10/09/2008No Comments

Men and their toys… the pointy haired, brain muscled shirts from CERN have successfully fired up their newest gadget; the Large Hadron Collider at CERN1. Powering up thousands of bleeding edge components, fine-tuning them to within a billionth of a second, lining up the staggering amount of power and then shooting electrons around in the 27 kilometers of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator so that they bang together at Einsteinian speeds is a show case of what international scientists can do, if they put their minds to it. To be fair, it only took them a little over two decades of preparation to make it work.

The colliding electrons will annihilate each other, and while dying they will hurl their quarks en hadrons into the batteries of sensors that monitor the Collider. (Just the names of these quarks…. Up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom J).

We might learn something about time, gravity, space and gravity this way.

Sounds a bit more exciting than another Olympic Show…. What you?

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