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One of the advantages of getting older is that my social circle gets more spendable income to invest in birthday presents 🙂 . This year, I got truly great places for the Brussels concert of Vanessa Paradis, miss Johnny Depp. I must admit that I have a weak spot or this gracious French singer since she mambo-ed away “Joe le taxi” when I was a teenager. As a journalist, I had the privilege to shoot three questions at her and was baffled with her intellect, humour, niceness, and sparkling eyes.  (I have a weak spot for sparkling eyes too…). The concert was just great. Vanessa seduced the whole audience with sublime lyrics, feline grace and a soft husky voice. And she was enjoying every minute of it (so where we).  Five meter to my left was Vanessa Paradis’ little daughter, a sweet curly nine year old, having a blast at moms concert. The little girl stole everyone’s heart singing, shaking and dancing along with every single song.

Last week, while in London, I had an interesting conversation on how to name twins. I found it. I’ll call them Lily and Rose.


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