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Encyclopedia of Life (EOL): Life 2.0

As Confucius once said: “technology without a purpose and without exciting implementation is as dead as a carefully poisoned Samurai”, and who am I to contradict Confucius?
Web 2.0, with it’s Wiki’s, social connectedness, blogosphere, mashed data,  and geo-location will only be as good as it’s best applications.
Enter EOL. The Encyclopedia of Life is the name for a collaborative bio-encyclopaedia of separate articles for all known species, including video, sound, images, graphics, and text. Indeed, for smell and haptics, you need to wait for Web 9.0 😉 .

2 thoughts on “Encyclopedia of Life (EOL): Life 2.0

  1. No other reflection made on 11 mai? Some known species are related to this date.

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