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Web 2.0: are you Linked In?


Networking. That is what a man has to do. Show me your network, and I tell you who you are ;-). Yep, I still visit tradeshows, receptions, drinks, happy hours, vernisages, golf tournaments, and race tracks handing out a gazillion business cards.  And yes, I did collect a plethora of shiny cards over the years featuring impressive people with amazingly long titles. Some of them get my Christmas cards, some of them return the favor. Two of tem invited me into a fraternity, one into a secret society. I know, I would tell you more about it, but it is… well, eh, secret. 🙂
For a long time I’ve been looking to professionalizing my networking. Then someone introduced me to LinkedIn. I was immediately sold. This is it. Next good thing since sliced bread. An easy way for keeping track of people that matter. Comprehensive profiles. Easy toolbars. Amazing tracking system. Good search functionality. Top people in the databases. Refreshing question and answer possibilities.
All of the sudden, my network became interactive and linked. Very 2.0. Me like 🙂.  If you want to link, I am an open networker. http://www.linkedin.com/in/dannydevriendt 

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