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Addicted? Just tired of apologizing…

By 21/07/20112 Comments

Holidays: It is all about switching off, getting away, unplugging, and forgetting. It’s as simple as that. Put your electronic gizmos in the safe, pack your credit card and just.. go. Except… it does not work that way. For me it isn’t.

My books are on my iPad…, my navigation system, radar detector (sorry), addresses, hotel confirmation, cocktail guide and restaurant finder are on my phone. So are my camera, my pictures, my music and my stellar configuration ranger. I want to blog about the great stuff I see and experience, I want to share pictures, upload reviews, download tips. I want to book and order, with one right thumb controlled click.

Trying to switch off work for me does not mean switching off stuff. Stuff is what I do. Stuff is what I use. Without is just more… complicated. You can frown all you want, but I am happy relaxing, with my phone in the holster. I recharge nicely reading Bruce Sterling on my ebook reader. Yes, I am on holiday. Yes, off work, yes, relaxing. But I will no more apologize for staying digital than half of this beach should for reading glossy magazines made from stone-dead trees. There, I’ve said it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my mojito is waiting…




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