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Applications: when numbers touch the ridiculous

By 06/01/2011No Comments

Funny. Big phone manufacturers are constantly shooting data around to prove how big, good; tough, thought leading and amazing they are. Nothing against that, of course… but it is pretty mind-blowing how much irrelevant data is used in trying to prove the case…

Allow me to pick one: number of applications available for the platform… Apple, RIM, Android, Windows 7 phones all boast a staggering number  of different applications that run on their platforms, and post nebular statistics on downloads. In all these infographics, Apple leads, followed by Android.  Scary thing I notice: people use these stats to determine which phone next to invest in.

Let me tell you this: the number of applications is utterly irrelevant. There is a gazillion apps available for my iPad. I could not care less: most of these apps are no apps I would ever use, or pay for. Some are –to my use- utterly unsuitable, badly made, not working, or of a general quality that makes me long for the Spanish Inquisition to deal with the developers.  Same for my Blackberry. I can have thousands of apps available. I just not want them.

Cruising over the app stores and download platforms of the big 3, I find more apps than rocks in the asteroid belt just outside Mars… but most of those… well, you get the picture.  Only a small percentage is stuff I would actually use. And I am a power user…  –  Nielsen proves me right: While about 35% of U.S. adults now have apps on their cell phones, only 24% of adults actually use them. About a tenth of all U.S. adults don’t even know if their phones can run apps.

So… look for handy applications. Quality over quantity. Select the top 10 applications that will make your life more easy, and more enjoyable. Trust me: the other stuff will be forgotten on your expensive touch screen within days.

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