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Ban Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber

By 22/09/2010No Comments

Look, I have nothing whatsoever against women and girls. Nothing against even the cuter ones. Really. But enough, is enough. Here @heliade towers, digital media are streaming in through a plethora of devices. Content in absurd insane quantities. More tweets and posts than even my trusted planet-sized brain can handle.

When I dig in to the content, there is a mindboggling part of tweets and posts that handle the so called socialites. Britney Spears underwear, Paris Hiltons coke problem, Lindsay Lohans Maserati, Demi Moores butox, Davis Beckhams strange shopping habits, Justin Biebers first beard growth… it seems to fascinate thousands of people… generating millions of tweets.

Could we move all these socialites and their over enthusiast  fan crowd to a separate social network? Pretty please? Can we ship people like Perez Hilton as well? That would be a cleaner house, more space, less fail whales…

If Japan can refrain Paris Hilton from entering the land of the rising sun, can we ban the socialite tribes to a parallel network? 🙂

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