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Camera teams, J-Lo look-alikes and little devils

By 17/03/2007January 3rd, 20212 Comments

Here at CeBIT our job is mainly to get clients in (or out ;-)) the press. So the people-with-the-orange-badges are what we’re hunting for. Anders Edlund, spokesperson of the Bluetooth SIG got a lot of interest with a nice demo on Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. 


The yellow Lotus with the Bluetooth products from Parrot attracts a lot of press as well. Today we even got a Dutch J-Lo look- alike journalist for a sultry interview… on the car. Needles to say that there were hurdles of guys hovering around when the interview took place.



And our celebrity clients never get a quiet moment… Although she was smartly disguised as a little devil, a paparazzi camera crew got hold of Brigitte Foll during diner. Needless to say she was right on messaging! 🙂


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