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Colors, Augmented Reality and Drones

By 12/08/20113 Comments

I guess I’m a real boy. I always wanted to be a pilot, a secret agent and some super astronaut hero. Nice ambition, until some doctor discovered that I was so colorblind that I saw ripe tomatoes in exotic shades of green…  which banned me from flying anything any higher than I can jump…

That is, until Henri Seydoux from the Paris based company Parrot introduced the Parrot Augmented Reality Drone last year. An iPhone controlled quadricopter so cool, it makes seasoned polar bears shiver. Equipped with four high speed rotors, ground following radar, high definition video cameras front and under, and with an effective flying range well over the advertised 50 meters, it looks like it was designed by Q-on-mushrooms himself for some deep cover mission.

You control the Drone by simply tilting your iPhone (or iPad) front, back, left or right. Altitude and rotation are simple touch controls on the screen. Flying by moving your phone. Neat. Even more spectacular is that the drone sends streaming video back to your phone, real time and high definition.

Your control screen on your iPhone looks like something that could control a Stealth fighter, complete with augmented reality, tilt warning, altitude and direction finder.

It’s good to be a boy, these days…


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