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Dear @CNN: Where is Cannes? Where??

By 04/11/20113 Comments

Ah… the old continent. You know, where I, and 731 million other tweeps are living. Basically, people dwelled over the European tundra’s as early as 1,9 million BC. Our first cities appeared thousands of years ago. We have been bashing each other’s skulls in for eons, before settling comfortably within our borders.

France for instance, is a pretty big country. It’s a major power with cultural, economic, military and political influence in Europe and around the world. It owns the third strongest army in the world, with nuclear power.  During the 17th and 18th centuries, France colonized great parts of North America and Southeast Asia; during the 19th and early 20th centuries, France built the second largest colonial empire of the time, including large portions of North, West and Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and many Caribbean and Pacific Islands. It’s the most visited country in the world. It has Paris, the Eifel tower, the Loire Castles; it has the Tour de France.

It also has Cannes, a nice town on the French Riviera established in the 2nd century BC by the Ligurians (I bet you did not know that). Since 1939, Cannes hosts the Cannes Film Festival (le Festival international du film de Cannes). Every year, film stars from all around the world have been strolling down the Promenade de la Croisette. It is on this beach that the young Brigitte Bardot showed off her voluptuous curves for the first time. It hosts the G20 now.

See, a lot to learn in three paragraphs of text. All of it freely available on the net.  Dear @CNN: CANNES is in FRANCE. Not in SPAIN. Sarkozy is the President of FRANCE, married with an ITALIAN woman, having a meeting in a FRENCH southern city. We’re already happy you correctly located the G2O in southern Europe. But you’re 1200 kilometers off…  I sincerely hope you’ll send your camera crews to the right city…. eventually.


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