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Ego too big: ergo : you lose!

By 21/09/2010No Comments

Browsing the web makes me happy every day. On top of the nice, useful, intriguing, insightful and smart posts and content, there is always plenty of stuff that makes my day. Some people go lengths making a shiny boobadoowa of themselves. Egos and internet, it’s a dangerous combination.

Take lists. There are hundreds of them. The cutest frogs.  Best bed positions. Ugliest cars. Most stupid ways to die. Bizarre Marriage Laws. Tiny little lingerie sets Paris Hilton does not wear. Best ways to… you catch my drift. And when you say lists, you whisper competition. Because people do not always agree. Life as it is, the internet… better than reality TV.

Last week I bumped into a post of one of the self-proclaimed online gurus… -honestly, a nice, interesting knowledgeable guy- who went lengths suggesting interesting tweeps to follow.  To his credit, the list was interesting, encompassing people that really stood out… except… he had put himself on his own list. As one of the people who matter. Out of curiosity, I spent some time last night browsing through lists people propose on blogs and forums. Lists of influential people. To my astonishment people put themselves on their own lists often. Duh?

Look, I’ll never be accused of false modesty, ever…  But… there is a line in the sand, and across that line you do not…  let  other people decide where you rank, where you list, where you calibrate. Putting yourself in your own top 10 is a bit pathetic.  Sadly, it seems the only thing lots of self-proclaimed gurus care about…

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