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Fireworks of dust

By 31/07/2009No Comments

People who know me well have figured out by now that I suffer from occasional insomnia. Last night I decided to crawl out of bed, and go for a stroll. Contently nibbling on an illegal piece of chocolate, I saw my very first Perseid meteor this year. Yay!

Each year, our good old blue Earth is thundering through a stream of rusty dusty snowy debris from Swift-Tuttle, a comet that was re-discovered in 1992, after being lost for a small 130  years. The golf ball-sized pieces are responsible for a spectacular firework show called Perseid meteor shower every year around August 11th and 12th, but as I could testify, the early flashes are already lighting up the sky!

So wait for another 10 days, spread your blanket in a dark corner (avoid parking lots J), bring a bottle of Chianti and your loved one and stare dreamy towards the shower’s radiant in Perseus. It’s a most romantic experience. Trust me, I’m a consultant J

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