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Follow me! (if you can :-))

By 25/08/20094 Comments

I spend more time on the road than I care to compute. A formidastic part of my life seems to consist in trying to get from point A to point B while on point C yellow clad pointy haired entrepreneurs put obstacles on the road because they want to make it better. Or something.

Too often, before that snail of traffic moves, I surely have enough time to get acquainted with most of the people around me. That nose plucking sweaty teenager in the pimped up pink Clio behind, the yelling kids in the back of the Beamer in front, the aspiring Elite top model on my right. They are not moving either. They are intriguing.

But there is simply no way to shout out on a highway: “Hey! You look interesting! Want a tissue? Great car! Where do you work?” Nope. Everybody looks around, listening to some bonobo-on-steroids on the radio that is way too awake and loud for the beginning of a day. No way to connect. No way to reach out.

That’s why I decided to put my Twitter handle on my car. Hoping it will become a new trend. So people can Tweet me goodmorning on the highway. It’s safe, because we’re not moving anyway. It’s social behavior. It’s fun. I got a tweet from a Landrover Discovery today, and it made me smile. just for that I’ll keep TweetTweet, the tweet car on the road.

To paraphrase Snow Crash (great book):  The TweetTweet car has enough potential energy packed into its motor to fire a pound of bacon into the Asteroid Belt. Unlike a Johnny box or a BoomBoom beater, the TweetTweet car unloads that power through gaping, gleaming, polished exhausts. When you put the hammer down, shit happens. TweetTweet is in touch with the road, starts like a bad day, stops on a peseta… And it’s bloody stuck in traffic somewhere near you. Send me a tweet 🙂


  • Great car. Alaways wanted one too. Pretty authentic I would say. Also, very interesting presentation today. Groeten

  • Olivier M. says:

    I can see a familiar Green & Blue box just above the T of Lotus.

    Come on, dude, don’t tell that you had this big toy as a business car….!!!

  • b- says:

    Nice car, great idea. Nice car … 🙂

  • Nice! What a speedtastic looking twitter account, really. Even the license number looks fast. Niiiiiiizzzzzzz. OK OK, I’ll follow you.

    Wait… I am already. Errrrr… allright then, DM me when you’re in Brussels and we’ll park that bird the time to share a beer (and for you to get more followers in the meantime).

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