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I know, that really does sound like a romantic fairytale, what you? After two years of loyal, faithful services, we decided to say goodbye to our yellow demo-Lotus. We dragged the poor thing from Barcelona, over Paris to Copenhagen, from Dublin, over London to Vienna… and showed it in, on, or around every tradeshow worth that name. Journalists drove it, Bluetooth demos were given in a plethora of countries and languages. But Chiquita collected miles and scratches, and after an over eager salesman stupidly slammed into her tender backside, we decided to let her go on a well-earned retirement.   But next week, we need wheels. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is coming up, and we need to show the newest cool Bluetooth products. So we need a car that is up to the usual standards. Something funky, cool, convertible and fast. Indeed. A Lotus J.

Stefaan, our trusted grease monkey from SD-motors is building us one. Building it up to spec, with the usual strobe lights, blue leds, demo neons, and smoke generators; but also with the widest range of Bluetooth equipment.  It is Aspen white. We will call it Snowwhite. We’re not panicking (yet): Stefaan has 48 hours to finish it. No pressure….


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