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I was two days at the ISPO Munich this week. A bit out of my hum, out of sync and out of place I must say. While I feel as a fish in the nerdy waters of tech shows all around the globe, here I was confronted with the health and fitness nuts of the adventure and outdoor sports industry. Yep. My kinda show. Most people walking around seemed to spend more time working out, than I work in a week. Girls walked in expensive (trust me…) jumpsuits, accompanied by guys who could probably climb Mount Kangchenjunga using only their fingernails. Disgusting.

It was difficult to survive two days. Drinks offered ranged from bio-nade (you really do not want to know); over banana-kiwi and strawberry-litchi shakes, to bionic and botanic water. I feel extremely healthy now. And depressed. Thank you.



  • Stefaan says:

    How come that you didn’t take the opportunity for an intensive 2-day workout ? I guess there were enough nice sporty spices walking around to guide you through the exersices ? You aren’t the shy type … so … what excuse ? 🙂

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