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Hiring Cyber Rambo…

By 12/04/20103 Comments

Since people follow me in (in? through? on?) Social Media, life becomes increasingly complicated. O yes, facing multiple ethical dilemmas here. I do like interaction, sharing and even cynical or ironical snowball fights.  But would it be wrong to employ an expert hit-man to deal with all of the lunatics on social networks? I hear they come cheap these days.

Honestly, I’m not interested in adding to your barn in Farmville, and your fish in Aquarium really would be better off in sushi. I did not receive any complaints about my reproductive hardware, and do not need a system upgrade for that. I have followers by the thousands, so am NOT interested in buying half a Pondukuriststan province into following me (buying followers, you’re joking, right?).

The 350 million dollar you want to put on my banking account would just get me in major trouble with my ego and the Belgian tax authorities. I am not into renting exotic beauties either… I hate anything that smells like TrueTwit, and if your golden formula to get rich is working, why do you still bother bothering me?

So I’m looking for a Cyber Rambo willing to root out the evil accounts, bots and tweeps that dirty my online existence. There is good money to be made 😉


  • An excellent posting with good points, We’ve been a lurker right here for some time but wish to be far more involved from now on.

  • Anne Egros says:

    Hello Fellow Belgian Danny
    If you want to be picky on who is following you(except the IRS)stay on Linkedin , it is reasonably professional enough to avoid spams if you don’t answer to invitations to join networks from perfect strangers. If you are a group/blog owner, you can always exclude the offender. On Twitter you can do the same if you get too much noise/spam from someone: you just block the person. It is like putting a No PUB sticker on your door. Is it working ? if yes please let me know where I can find one.

  • Jamel says:

    Glad I’m not the only one hating stupid spam!

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