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I could not care less if you get Social Media or not :-)

By 12/06/2010One Comment

It must be a plague, or a disease. In any case it seems contagious. And freaking annoying. For some reason way too many people tell me they’re not into Social Media. They do not get it, do not need it, were never on it, will surely quit it soon. It makes their lives miserable; it will ruin their family life, and in no way it can get compatible with their work environment. Most probably the life expectation of this planet goes down the drain per tweet that leaves my Tweetdeck.

All of this garbage-nagging gets to me by phone, over a beer, on Facebook, Twitter or when I’m bolting something manly and robust on my Landy. Most often the people who shower me with this nonsense tilt their head a bit to the left, and wait expectantly. For the argument. For the arguments. For that flood of highly intelligent, moist-making logic, highly skilled ratio and passionate savoir-faire.  They wait for me to tackle their opinion, to try to convince them otherwise, to prove them wrong…

They’re waiting for a fight….

But frankly, I cannot be bothered. I just don’t care. If people think they should not be on Twitter, that is fine by me. They can quit Facebook, any day. They can blow their blog out of the water.  I care as much as them trying to buy a pink Hummer.

Honestly, it’s a free world. You have the right to think Social Media is wrong, overrated, annoying and will affect us as a species in a way that most certainly displeases Darwin.

Just do not bore me with it ….

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