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I’m all Mist, Ice and Creepy Particles

It’s done. All nephology for me from now on. My stuff is up there. All of it. In the cloud. On top of the tiny water droplets and frozen ice crystals and slightly radioactive stuff that are quietly hanging out there in the cozy glowing atmosphere above the surface of our planet, you’ll find my digital bits.

My money was already virtually located in some hyper protected secret bank vault, but now, my music, files, memories and more life than I care to ponder on  is parked in the dusty trusty binary environment of a mysterious cloud. A digital mist of smartness that I can access from any intelligent device around me, and these days, that scales from a freezer to the traffic lights on High Street Corner.

Kurzweil would be proud of me. Virtual me. Digitalized, uploaded, mirrored, backed-up and on unlimited broadband capacity.

I’m a Cloud. John is a Cloud. There are lots of Clouds… :-). All of the sudden the song “It’s raining men” gets a whole new meaning…. ;-): I’m all Mist, Ice and Creepy Particles

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