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Infographics : because reading is work…

By 22/02/2011No Comments

It’s frustrating. I spend considerable time looking at a white screen, torturing my delete button, chewing my finger nails and trying to find the right wording. It’s not easy, you know, this whole blogging/author thing. I need to get very complicated stuff out of my head, and puzzle it into a compelling, easy-reading, slightly humoristic piece of content that’s mentally a bit challenging, but not too over the top. All that in a couple of lines, spiced with some freeloaded stock photo.

And while I am carefully polishing my creative output, some young flashy nitwit will put the same content in two pie-graphs, a nifty bubble chart and some random colors. An “Infograph”. ‘Cause it kinda visualizes stuff better. Because the younger generation does not like to read. Because it helps the content “up there” down to the “readers level” in a painless and smooth way.

Right.  *sigh*

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