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Let me earn your business card…

By 15/03/2011No Comments

Let’s face it, we roam the endless spaces of the biggest conventions of these planets, spreading business cards around like there is no tomorrow. I literally level singlehandedly a shaming surface of lovely tropical rainforest each year by spreading a couple of thousands of cards.

Hey, how’re you here is mine can I have yours bye”. We both know we did not get any value out of the conversation. We both know we will never call each other. I know he was extremely boring, and will never make it to make it to my secret Christmas card list. Still, cards changed hands. Identity was confirmed. An innocent tree was leveled.

Here comes in a young guy in the blogger lounge. Firm handshake. Nice, but affordable suit (Pablo Nero?) Corporate hair. Good teeth. The works. And a refreshing “Can I steal four minutes to earn your business card?”.

He got me at “hello”: what a refreshing practice. Approach, connect, pitch… and if relevant do the business card thing. Nothing personal, just a fair evaluation of an occasional encounter that more often than not will get us nowhere.

And you know what? Once we determined we’re worth swapping identities, and propel each other into our respective social lives (because we DO will do the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube stuff thing, right?), let’s just “BUMP” our cards electronically. I’m so tired of lumberjacking trees all the time 😉

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