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Old style web 2.0: get you hands dirty

Well, sometimes there is a man. Sometimes, there is a man. And I am talking about the Dude here… 😉 Our mechanic (we use to call him Grease Monkey when he is not around) just has too much on his hands. Taking care of our cars, petting and greasing our beloved Chiquita Lotus, building in-and out Bluetooth enabled devices, getting Parrot gear in our wheels… and that is just us.
The Dude Stefaan has other clients as well, but when we call, he jumps and gets it done. So when Stefaan cried Wolf, because he lacked serious storage space, Web 2.0 worked splendidly. Some serious emailing, MSN-ing, Mobile Phoning and overall old-boys-networking resulted in a lot of brainpower meeting in Ichtegem to build some heavy metal racks. Resulted in an evening full of greasy fingers, industrial quantities of beer, a lot of fun, and a “Man what a Man am I feeling”. Not to mention some square mile of professionally consulted storage space. More on www.volapukblog.com .
When Web 2.0 works, you get very very dirty, and very very tired.

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