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QR Codes and tiny bikini bottoms…

By 09/08/20114 Comments

I played Volleyball for a very long time. I always loved watching the female volley teams, because… they played better: more strategy, less muscle attacks. I also love tech, for a very very long time. I’m intrigued by QR codes, they’re so techy-isch.

Now Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney,  26th on the female beach Volley list, and the UK’s prime Volley choice for the Olympics in 2012 are bringing Volley and QR codes together… big time. The girls are renting out there official bikini bottoms to display a QR code that guides people brave enough to aim their lenses at the girls behinds to a betting website.

To boldly bring technology…  what did you say? Augmented Reality? Go wash your mouth with soap!


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